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Having your preschooler help you in the kitchen is a good way to get your child to try new foods

Kids feel good about doing something “grown up”. Give them small jobs to do. Praise their efforts. Children are much less likely to reject foods that they helped make. As preschoolers grow, they are able to help out with different tasks in the kitchen. While the following suggestions are typical, children may develop these skills at different ages. At 2 years:  wipe tables  hand
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Reading at home

Read with your son/daughter for about 15 minutes every night. Enlist the help of the children’s librarian at the public library to select interesting books that are at the instructional reading level (slightly above the child’s present level of reading development). At his/her instructional reading level, your son/daughter should be able to read 95 to 97 words in a 100-word passage without difficulty.

Making learning fun

Whenever possible, use a game format for learning (e.g., reviewing for a test by playing Jeopardy with the target information). The child will find it easier to attend to the information and hold it in mind long enough to process it more effectively.