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Helicopter Parents

Helicopter Parents

Many parents could be compared to helicopters, constantly hovering over their children, rarely out of reach, whether their children need them or not. Instead of teaching their children responsibility, these parents jump in even before a child needs help, and when their child makes a mistake, the parent takes over, and fixes it.  This will not help the children to develop their own decision-making skills.

While participation in a child’s education is encouraged, parents should respect the needs of maturing teens. As children grow, they need to practice making their own decisions – with guidance from their parents.

How to find the balance?  The principle of considering yourself to be a coach to your child may be of benefit here.  You are there to provide structure, give advice and serve as a role model, but it’s your child who needs to step up to the plate. Instead of keeping track of project deadlines yourself, for example, work as a team to set up a calendar or weekly planner and let your child take charge of meeting those deadlines. You can also help by sharing your own strategies for staying organized.



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