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Day-to-Day Teachable Moments

We all want our children to learn to read, but sometimes in our zeal for wanting to help we make our child even more reluctant to try.  Don’t force him to read.  Take a softer approach.  Take advantage of those day-to-day teachable moments.

  • When you’re looking for your exit on the highway, ask your child to tell you when he sees the sign that starts with a “B” for Bedford Road.
  • Tell him you’d like to order a hamburger, and ask him to help you find it on the menu.  Show him what an “H” looks like.
  • Put simple printed notes in his lunch box or backpack.  He will quickly learn to read “I love you,” or “See you soon. XO,”
  • Ask him to help you write a note for Daddy’s lunch.  Carefully write each word he says and then read it back to him.
  • If he is able to write, ask him to write your shopping list.  Spell “milk” for him, and if he spells it wrong, don’t correct him.  Let him read the list to you when you get to the store.  You’re showing that you value his ability and indirectly teaching him the value of learning.

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