What to do when you hear “your child is struggling in school”?

To make good decisions about your child’s educational program, you need accurate information about your child’s educational difficulties and educational needs. You will find this information in psychological and educational evaluations of your child.

Get a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation of your child from an expert who is truly independent (e.g., is not an employee of the public school system). The evaluations used to make educational decisions must contain accurate information about what your child really needs – including changes that need to be made in curriculum, teaching methods, and/or school structure.

The Value of Laughter in the Home

Children look to parents and follow their lead in actions, words and attitude. How you react, particularly to the unexpected, teaches your child many things. From you, they learn patience, perseverance, flexibility, accountability, integrity, creativity, discipline, humility, kindness, compassion and much more. Find Humor Laughter is an invaluable attribute that helps many deal with unexpected situations calmly and wisely. As a parent, are you
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What research tells us about reading, comprehension, and comprehension instruction

For many years, reading instruction was based on a concept of reading as the application of a set of isolated skills such as identifying words, finding main ideas, identifying cause and effect relationships, comparing and contrasting and sequencing. Comprehension was viewed as the mastery of these skills. One important classroom study conducted during the 1970s found that typical comprehension instruction followed what the study
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Gluten free chocolate “dirt”

Ingredient 1 handful dark chocolate chips Directions Place chips in a coffee grinder Grind until the texture of  coarse sand Serve over cream, berries or cupcakes